My sister made a promise for me.

If I was accepted as PhD student at the

University of São Paulo,

she would participate in the most popular

Catholic Procession if my hometown.

Photographs by Dani Botelho (


Our Lady of Medianeira Procession attracts

about 400 thousand Christian’s believers to Santa Maria.

I decided to pay her promise and be part of the Procession.

I wrote my own prayer, asking to people to recognize their own free-will.

The “Prayer for Free Ones” is the voice of the

multitude listening to their own desire.

With this poetry I recognize the chaos and the art as bliss.

I write as a brave human being asking for truth and freedom.

Wearing a white costume and a mask, holding an one-meter-candle,

and walking on the opposite direction of the multitude

I distributed about 1500 prayers.


I could listen their soul.

And for many times they helped me to get back to “the right track”:

being with them as a performer.

Performing for the multitude with love and compassion was an act of

respect and self-liberation by the means of art.

I use the language of religion to say words on what I believe:

the ART as an act of altruism and joie-de-vivre.



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