My epiphany took place whenI was on the road – my truly red carpet.

It came like a flurry of wind,

spreading dust in front of my eyes.


My path became a whisper,

And the word lightness came to me.

Lightness – while dancing with a green feather I had found among the trees.

I was under the spell of lightness.


And then of vastness – of my most deep and precious thoughts.

But also, some inner secret I had missed.

The wind that I felt on my face was like thunder –

A deafening awakening as the wind caressed my face.

A blessing.


What was there?

The fresh air turned into space.

And my heartbeat could no longer indicate my presence. 




From that moment, on that unforgettable day,

Something unraveled.

The abyss disappeared.

Kindness and compassion replaced the greed and hate that once devoured me.

My uncertainty was gone.

I was there, released.


The lightness turned out to be a red feather.

And I could see the eagle I once thought that I should be.




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